Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I am getting completely and utterly disillusioned with British TV comedy.

I'm getting more and more dissoloushed

TV commissioners and TV execs are stupid, worthless, idiotic morons- let’s just get that straight. For some god forsaken reason the people in charge of TV think they know what is funnier than the comedians themselves. They treat us like downright idiots. Instead of being given boundary crossing, thought provoking intelligent, subversive comedy we are given SHIT like Miranda. They have this mould that they want all comedy shows to fit into and if your show is a tiny bit different they will cancel it.

Shit like this always gets continued

Or, because the execs are spineless cowards they won’t directly tell you it’s been axed. They’ll do anything they can to make it look like they didn’t cancel it. What they’ll do instead is put it in a time slot in which no one is watching or they’ll jumble the show around putting it on Thursdays and then back to Wednesdays and then send you to die on a Saturday night. They’ll then say the ratings weren’t good enough and cancel it. Really? The ratings weren’t good enough? Well I wonder who’s fault is that you stupid, fucking cunts!
TV execs don’t listen to critical reception. TV execs are solely concerned with the magic R word: ratings. Ratings are the only thing that matters to them. If the ratings are good then your TV show is safe. A perfect example of this is the shit-stain of TV comedy Mrs.Brown’s Boys. It was absolutely panned by critics when it was broadcast but the ratings were good, actually not just good but brilliant – amazing! So guess what? The BBC ordered a second series and a third – before the second had even been fucking broadcast!

However if you jump over the pound to America you’ll notice there having something of a renaissance in comedy. Channels like HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, FX, all who are making such brilliant shows like 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, South Park, Curb your Enthusiasm, Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO specials, Penn and Teller Bullshit!, Green Room with Paul Provenza, The Daily Show, Showtime specials, Louie…need I continue?

We use to be this good. Yeah, used to. The overwhelming evidence simply shows that Britain as a nation isn't funny any more. I like to think of British comedy as a dying donkey staggering around a barren desert desperately looking for water.

I just despair at it all. I makes me feel really sick when I see that Mrs.Brown's Boys get's 6.2 million viewers yet Grandma's House only get's 0.72 million. And I mean just look at what some of things the TV execs themselves are saying.

This is what the BBC's Comedy Commissioner Cheryl Taylor said in an interview to Broadcast magazine:
"Comedy is the genre du jour - ITV, Sky, everyone is coming to the party. But because it's a small gene pool for talent, on and off screen, that puts pressure on the biggest, brightest, shiniest shows. It's a sellers' market in comedy at the moment, which has impacted the number of scripts we are getting in for BBC One."
Dis you hear that? Seller's market! Here's another one from Comedy Central:
"This time next year, we will be doing as many of those projects as we possibly can. We are looking for things that are big, broad and accessible, with the laugh-out-loud factor that comes from big jokes and set pieces."

"Big, broad and accessible... basically what that means then is: "We want comedies that are safe, boring, unchallenging, dumb, banal and solely appeal to the lowest common denominator. Because anything original and creative would just be too confusing and possibly might cause offence. And we can't have that! So meanwhile we'll jut sit here sitting on our arses while we get kicked royally in the balls by the Americans."

South Park: Hilarious, satirical, intelligent, though-provoking, boundary-pushing, subversive and one of the best programmes ever. That's why the British didn't make it. 

Stand-up on the other hand is booming, both in the U.S and in the U.K. In stand-up their are challenging, uncompromising comedians willing to experiment with the art form and treat it like one. People like Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, Jerry Sadowitz, Simon Munnery, Doug Stanhope, Louis C.K, Richard Herring, Reginald D Hunter. All people free from the shackles of censors and allowed to do and say what they want.
So bottom line, don't watch T.V, watch more Stand-up. And if you do want to watch TV, make it American.

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